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Our customers are literally 'Worldwide' but we are based in Hampshire with our Sales Office is located in Waterlooville and manufacturing facilities in nearby Fareham. You may wonder why we appear to use a mobile number for contact! Firstly it is a lot more than just a mobile and you will only ever be charged the normal network rates. It has the advantage for you that it is always monitored and for us it deters 'sales people' ringing us about their special offers on FAX paper, PPI and marketing.

So don't worry, if it looks like it is going to be a long conversation, just ask and we will always call you back from a land-line. There is also a contact form below, please use if you would like us to call you?


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Fleet Operators

Here at MTS we understand that fleet managers are expected to make savings, even when the product they are buying is going to save the company money. We have therefore negotiated quantity discounts from our suppliers, on things like hardware components, airtime and map license where quantities are concerned.

This discounts we can pass on to customers, who are purchasing a number of units at one time, or who are operating a number of vehicles in the same CUG (closed user group). Please contact us for more information on these savings.



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The helpline is of course open seven days a week from 09:00 to 18:00, but at weekends we would appreciate just urgent calls. To be frank, once installed the units tend to be very reliable and most problems can be resolved by just restarting the computer you are using.

The Helpline is also available to assist you with installation, feel free to call us before you start and check out what you plan to do. Once installed if it is not working then ideally call on a mobile phone from inside the vehicle, as we will ask you questions about what the lights on the unit are doing. Note all our units MUST be fused with a suitable 2amp fuse.



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Other Countries

The sales office is located in Waterlooville, near Portsmouth, England. We also have branches of our organisation in La Manga (Spain) and Doha (Qatar). In the first instance they should also be contacted using the details above, or the form below.

If you are a fleet operator we can train your own installers, although as we have said before installation is very straightforward. We also have a small number of Marine Installers we work with, should you require a professional Marine installation in Ireland, or around the Mediterranean?



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Special Offers (Pre Owned)

From time to time we have small quantiles of ex loan / rental and exchange units available to purchase, for those on a very tight budget.

This will normally be the older style units as shown in the picture. All of them will give an update of your location every X seconds when stationer and every Y seconds when moving. Typically X will be between 900 and 1800 seconds and Y will be 60 to 300 seconds. None have modern facilities like getting an update when changing direction, or passing a set distance.

Prices range from £25 to £50 depending on model, age and condition. Please contact us if you would like to be made aware when we have any stock of this type.



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