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Hardware in Detail

First of all, don't be shocked that this website actually publishes its prices. You will find no "Call the team for an instant quote" rubbish here! These are the prices we charge, no extras, no surcharges and no VAT. The first item below shows the cost of purchasing a standard tracking device and shows the aerials you could use with it.

You can get an AVT10 and combine it with the aerial combinations we offer. This makes for a very flexible installation, for most uses and is especially good if you are considering a covert installation. You can also see details of two other units that are are a little more expensive because they have their aerials built in. Those two units also have a small battery backup inside, just in case someone disconnects the power. All the units are supplied with their power leads and are ready to work.

Cheapest Price Tracking Device

AVT10 Base Tracker (external aerials) 

This is our base unit, it is splash proof with separate external aerials and will work well in most installations. If most of your driving is in rural areas then this unit lets you mount your aerials outside and higher up,

This is handy when you want to extend the range although remember all our units will store information when out of range and will resend it as soon as they detect a signal again. We offer a range of stick on, or permanent mount aerials for this unit.

To operate it needs a 10-30 volts supply (and should be fused at a couple of amps). It can be hidden away anywhere inside the vehicles itself as long as the aerials are mounted to see the sky.

Cost £65 (plus aerials)

Some of our Tracking Device Aerials

AVT10 Aerial Choice

If you are purchasing our AVT10 then you will need two aerials (one for GPS and one for data) the picture above shows our two most popular options.

The first is a pair of individual adhesive aerials (you mount the GPS aerial flat and the Data one upright), the other is a combined system, which hole mounts and has a split nut for easy assemble.

We have other systems but one of these two will deal with 95% of installations. In the event you need some thing else please ask.

Cost £16 (a pair Adhesive)

Cost £26 (Combined hole mount)

Vessel Tracker with built in aerials

AVT11 Standard Tracker (inbuilt aerials)

Basally the same unit as the AVT10, but with the aerials built in. Clearly it is the easiest to install just requiring to be mounted where it can electrically see the sky i.e. Label side up (for example on the dashboard, inside a locker, or under a fibreglass / wooden roof). It also has an internal battery (lasts around 120mins). If you are on our normal monthly rate it can send a message when equipment (Power Anchor, Engines, trim etc.) are used.

Cost £85 (All in)

Waterproof Tracking Device

AVT12 Weatherproof Tracker (inbuilt aerials)

With its Weatherproof housing (to IP67) this is our most rugged unit and perfect for Plant or Boats. It can just be mounted on a roof, or fly-bridge (label side up). Then it is just a case of running power to it. It comes complete with internal battery (lasts around 5 hrs.), connecting cables and instructions. It needs a 10-30 volts and if you are on our normal monthly rate it can send a message when equipment (PTO, Power Anchor, Engines, trim etc.) are used.

Cost £95 (All in)