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Map Display

Our service includes displaying your vehicle's (or craft) location 24 hrs a day, on Modern up-to date maps. This includes both Google and Bing's road and satellite maps plus Google street view, also available is live traffic information. Although by default the map always shows the current status, it is possible to play back history from the last 2 months and this can be exported, for you to play back at your leisure. Geo fencing can be achieved, to alert you when a unit enters or leaves an area, plus much, much more.

There is a link below that will take you to a Live Map showing actual units in use, in real time

Controlled Access

Although the system is designed around the individual and small fleet operates, we do have user running significantly larger fleets. This means that there are various levels of protection. By default all you need is a link to go and look at the map. However if requested we can configure that link to take the user to just his single vehicle, a group of vehicles or his entire fleet. We can also restrict access capability to just viewing, right the way up to full editing rights.

There is a link below that will take you to our Help Files to let you see what our software will do.

Monthly Total Charges

Standard Rate £12 pm

For the above service we make a charge of just £12 per month, per vehicle. That works out at around 39p a day and there are no other charges. For this you have access to all ours services apart from SMS alerts and European Operation (the odd trip to Europ is acceptable)

Professional Rate £15 pm

We also offer a professional rate for those users who operator around the EEC and / or want to use SMS alerts when an event happens such as panic, or theft alarms. This is £15 per month, per vehicle and as in all these rate includes Air Time, Server Usage and Support.

Concessionary £9 pm

This charge is for Caravanners, Weekend Sailors, Classic Vehicles Owners, who only use the system for a few hours a day, mostly at the weekends in UK area (if you are doing the occasional trip abroad no one is going to complain). The rate is an incredibly low £9 per month.

To Recap

Standard Rate £12 pm

Professional Rate £15 pm

Concessionary £9 pm

These rates include all Air Time, Server usage and 7 day a week Support. Fleet operators see the 'contact section' for discounts.

What Customers have said


"You have transformed my business, my fuel bills are down and productivity is up!"

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"Pupil's Parents just love watching them on their lessons"


"I know where all my rentals are instantly, which means I can relax"