About the Company and our Vehicle Tracking Devices

Although we are a family business don't let that fool you, the bosses who both retired from the 'rat race' in 2007, had been the founder MD and Company Secretary, of one of the largest suppliers of data transmission and tracking equipment to the emergency, rescue and recovery services. Below you can see a few images of some of the very first vehicles they equipped back then, although predominantly from the UK's vehicle recovery industry they also had units in the other emergency services.

Our history goes back to the early days of tracking devices long before the GPRS / SMS internet based networks we have today. Back then there was really only two wireless networks that were reliable enough to use for tracking, they were Vodafone’s Packnet and RAM Data's Mobitex system, we settled on RAM. Of course there was no tracking hardware you could buy and so you had to design and get manufactured your own device! This we did using a number of Hampshire based electronics companies before finally settling on Phoenix System of Fareham, who we still work with today.

Below are three of the most successful models we designed and Phoenix produced.

Early GPS Tracking Device

Over the years the units got smaller as we improved things and found smaller components, but clearly the cost of one of those units would today buy you three or four modern units. As the internet and GSM wireless became more common place we started to look at it and while we were doing that British Telecom took over the Mobitex network and although we worked with them for a number of years (largely in the emergency service sector), it was clear GSM was a cheaper alternative and was fast becoming as reliable.

BT finally closed the Mobitex network in 2011 switching user to the internet and GSM transmission paths. Before leaving the subject of Mobitex however, I would like to make readers aware of a little know fact about it - During the London bombings in July 2005 the only London RDN (Radio Data Network) that worked throughout the incident and never had a backlog was the Mobitex one.

Today the hardware we sell is pretty much standard through out the industry and the old adage that you get what you pay for, holds true. The key advantage of companies like ours (apart from the obvious quality of service, extensive experience, and knowledge of the industry) is what we program into the unit in the way of software settings, plus of course what goes on with your valuable data once it gets back to the server.

From our control room we monitor all our units and try to anticipate faults, or poor coverage. We can even use the radio data network to reprogram some parameters of the professional units without the need to recall the units. You don't pay one penny extra for any of this, it is all included along with your airtime in a fixed once a month charge.

Vehicle Tracking Control Room

Vehicle Tracking Control Room Data

Our main objective is to take the mystery out of vehicle tracking for you and to offer a friendly, cost effective system, for those that don't want to be 'strapped up' to faceless big companies, on long contracts. There are no extras with our contracts and you can quit anytime after the first month if unhappy (but we bet you don't!).

Our modern servers have, over the last six years been on line better than 99% of the time. Because no system is perfect however, we have automatic safeguards built into the professional units we supply, like the ability to store information on their location in the device, when it is unable to get through to our server. Of course as soon as it comes back into coverage it will send it then.

It is fair to say My Tracking Service has the small business ethos with the big business know how!

Before you buy - some words of wisdom

If you are new to the world of vehicle tracking please read these words of wisdom from an old hand so you don't get caught! 

  1. Some companies selling tracking systems seem to fail after the first six months! You are then left with equipment that no longer works and airtime you have paid for, but cannot use. - NOTE: We will not tie you into a long term contract and have been selling tracking systems for many, many years.
  2. Some Internet companies selling 'on line' tracking get their maps closed down by Microsoft, or Google because they have not brought licenses to use their maps. Once again you are then left with equipment that no longer works and airtime you have paid for, but cannot use.
  3. Some companies are selling old 'standard' trackers as 'professional', that is to say they only work on the old USA GPS system. All our professional units also use GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) which allows them to access multiple systems including GLONASS and GALILEO along with the old GPS system, allowing for faster and considerable more accurate positioning.
  4. Some companies supply standard pay as go SIM cards which work on a single carrier and sometimes a single country, We use multi- network Data Cards that roam the networks so if you are not in range of one supplier it will change to one that is. We pay all your charges so no matter how much you use it, you will never be cut off for over use.
  5. Some companies tell you the real purchase price up front, but when you add in the extras for airtime, hosting, map use, data storage, data retrieval. licensing, support, etc. etc. it can cost you a further £10/£20 a month, regardless how little you use the system. - We have a 'purchase price' and a separate 'single monthly charge' that will never increase. There are no hidden extras and most users pay around 29p a day for everything we offer including air time and seven days a week support. 
  6. Some companies also hit you with a hefty surcharge (or worse still deny you access), if suddenly you need to use the system more frequently. Just what you need if your vehicle / boat is stolen! Some do the same thing if you travel abroad. - We (as we have said) have a 'single monthly charge' that remains the same regardless how much you use it, even if you are on a UK only rate and slip abroad a few times a year no one is going to complain.
  7. Some companies will try and convince you that if your proud possession is stolen, they will 'scramble' a fleet of police helicopters that will track it down using their tracker. - We are a little more realistic, if your installation is well done and 'covert' there is a good chance 'YOU' will be able to tell the police where it is and 'IF' they have someone free in the area, you stand a good chance of getting it back. Alternatively (as one of our Haulers' customers once did) you could always take a 'few of the boys' round and get it back yourself!