My Vehicle Tracking Service


Welcome to our on-line guide to tracking your vehicle(s), across Great Britain and Europe and don’t be too surprised that you have found a website that is honest and shows you the full cost of tracking your assets. We are a Hampshire (UK) based organisation specialising in reliable but also affordable (starting from 29p a day running cost) GPS Vehicle Tracker solutions, for both individuals and small Fleet Operators. For many people this will be to track their Cars, Motorcycles, Vans, Trucks and Caravans, but we also have a separate division who supply 'Marine Tracking' systems specifically engineered for the marine market (small boats through to large yachts).

If you are 'in business' you may be here because you want to make your business more efficient, but now you have the job of deciding which tracking device supplier you want to deal with and we win for a number of reasons. For example because we are not tied to one UK airtime provider (as the multi nationals often are) our latest tracking devices can roam all networks and find any cell site that is nearest to your tracker. This means much more accurate and frequent location fixes with few drop-outs (Don't you wish your phone could do that?)

Some of what you get-

Tell me More?

Our systems can be installed by almost anyone and are supplied with full fitting instructions where applicable, this is backed by a 7day a week telephone support. Once installed you can travel around the UK (or abroad) and anyone you have given your details to, can go 'on-line' and watch you travelling across our Internet based map. On your return you can play back your journeys, which will show where you were at any given time and this can done for anytime over the previous three months (forever if you back up the data). 

Most installations will be configured to report your device's location every 30 minutes when stationary and every couple of minute when moving. Where we differ from many others is that our units can also report when a set distance is covered, or when a vehicle changes direction by more than a pre-set number of degrees. Why is that relevant? Well if you have a vehicle going straight up a motorway all you really need to know is it is moving, but when it is hunting for an address down a city's side turnings, knowing where he is may becomes a lot more important. Being able to see where they are on Google Street Level Maps is another bonus as is our up to date Traffic Information overlay.

If you have several vehicles you can view them individually or as a group. If you want to set up a Geo-fence (ring around you base / mooring) it can email you when the unit enter, or leaves the area. You can set a top speed and have the software report when it is exceeded, plus many other software driven event triggers. We also offer electronic triggers, for example when a PTO is used, or a vehicle alarm is triggered.

Because of our very low prices and high customer service it is not just 'companies' that have our trackers installed, they can be found in Private Cars, Camper Vans, Boats (of varying sizes). We also have a large number of Vehicle Recovery Operators as this has always been our key sector. As any computer, tablet, or smart phone with an Internet connection can access the map, you can check up on your asset at any time and from almost anywhere.

Another area where we are growing thanks to our low annual mileage 'Concessionary Rates' is with Classic Cars and Motorbikes, largely due to the increase in the number of thefts of this class of vehicle recently. We even offer a low price 6 Volt Tracking System designed for older cars and motorbikes.

How Much?

You will find the 'one off' cost of purchasing the hardware under Equipment (link above) and the ongoing Monthly Charges (including all support, airtime used, server hosting, license, etc.) under Cost (link above) and remember there is no VAT to pay with us. If you intend to purchase several units, then fleet operator discounts will be available. Most equipment is available for next day dispatch and carries a full years RTB warranty. Normally our monthly contracts can be terminated with just 30 days notice.

If you really cannot afford one of our systems then fill up the vehicle's fuel tank with the money instead! Please don’t be a mug and waste it on one of the many hard sell deals you can find 'on-line', that Google will close down after a few months because they have not purchased a license for Google's maps, or where the system stops reporting because you have used up all the airtime credit the seller purchased.

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